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02/06/16Services -

Our Schedule Archive was completed.  The only missing Schedule of Services from January 2003 until now is May-August 2005, an English-language copy of which cannot be located.

02/06/16Special Projects -

A new page was created.  There are no visible links yet.  Information will be posted soon about our new Crucifix, the extension to our church, and our new icon stand, and links to the page will be set up.

09/16/15Needs -

The article concerning marriage on the Needs page was updated.  The link to the 'Notice of Intended Marriage' was fixed, and the wording around the baptism of the non-Orthodox was amended.

05/30/15Home -

Banner with link to added.

01/27/15Playgroup -

Our Playgroup page was updated to show that the playgroup meets every Tuesday rather than every second Tuesday.

12/02/14History, Services -

Our Summer 2014-15 Schedule of Services was added to our Services page.  Our History page was reformatted and updated.

03/06/14Playgroup -

Our Playgroup page was updated to show the new meeting day, Tuesday rather than Friday.

01/15/14Services -

Our Services page was updated, and some minor corrections were made.

12/01/13Русская Версия -

Our Russian-language home page was updated, with the Forthcoming Services and Activities and Parish Life sections now mirroring the English-language home page.

11/27/13Services -

The Summer 2013-14 Schedule of Services was added to our Services page.

11/11/13Needs -

General background information was added, and the information about Baptism and Reception into the Holy Orthodox Church was reorganised and supplemented.

09/03/13Needs -

Photographs were added to the Needs page in the sections relating to Baptism and Weddings.

08/24/13About Us, History, News -

Photographs were added to the About Us and History pages, and the images in the slideshows in the News items were re-ordered.

08/22/13Services -

Our Spring 2013 Schedule of Services was added to the Services page.

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